karting tenerife – Our Track

We leave the box located on the main straight of the circuit.

Before arriving at the curve Nº2, it stops very little to enter as closed as possible, trying to pass through the first and second piano at maximum speed.

We continue at maximum speed through the piano of “curve” Nº3.

When arriving at the curve Nº4 we must open well to the right and brake enough, since we arrived with a very high speed. In this curve you have to try to enter through the piano inside and leave the curve playing the last part of the piano outside

We leave the curve No. 4 and go out thoroughly, opening to the left of the circuit to enter the curve No. 5 above the piano without ever releasing the accelerator. We continue to keep the accelerator pedal fully and we are glued to the left line of the track, since the curve No. 6 is a very fast right curve, which can be taken without braking and without releasing the accelerator.

We leave this curve by stepping on the piano outside and then we find a closed curve to the right (Nº7). We brake a lot and take the curve through the piano inside, sticking to the left line of the circuit to quickly catch a left curve at maximum speed.

When leaving this curve, we open to the right of the track and brake just enough to enter closed in curve No. 8, passing through the internal piano and leaving it playing the piano outside.

Then we go as far as we can to the left of the circuit, and we brake very little to enter the curve Nº9 (from here, the circuit is taken at maximum speed, without braking or releasing the accelerator until we reach the curve Nº2) .

When leaving the curve Nº9 by the external part of the track, we go quickly to the right to enter the curve Nº 10 above the piano, thus facing the last curve (Nº1).

In this last curve, we must try to pass over the internal piano while accelerating, to take advantage of the main straight of the circuit at maximum speed. And here we would meet again approaching the curve Nº2.